Over 15 Years
That's how long I've been a professional voiceover artist. Here are some highlights:


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Some of the most fun and fulfilling work I’ve ever done was working with my dear friends Craig Boyer and Greg Allen on Whodunit, a comedy show that ran every week for three years on WGNR. The three of us played agents in the EBTF (Elite Biblical Task Force), solving crimes committed in the Bible. I was “Y”, a British engineer who made cool spy gadgets for Craig’s “Agent Don Tuesday” and Greg’s “Captain Joe Saturday.” Have a listen to our 10 highest-rated episodes:

The Outliers

We were a radio comedy and satire troupe, producing 5- and 30-minute episodes every week for over three years out of WBAA. This was a dream job, as it gave me the chance to do dozens of character voices. While some of our old “News In Formation” shorts are available here from co-producer Fuzzy Gerdes, most of the full-length pieces now exist only on dusty CDs in the attics of former cast members. But some of my favorite sketches will live on the interwebs forever through the links below.

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